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English Evening Tea

A very flavorful black tea that is light liquoring and bright (Ceylon and Darjeeling). English Evening is perfect for after dinner and promotes conversation. Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Green tea. [Learn More]

English Breakfast Tea

A perfect black breakfast tea. Good body but not overpowering. Coppery bright and excellent flavor. English Breakfast is a great traditional favorite. Now in a convenient tea bag! Luxury Ingredients: Black tea [Learn More]

English Breakfast Organic Tea

A perfect organic English breakfast tea with body and full flavor. Harkens back to the days when tea laden clipper ships raced to London. The tea bags are unbleached, free of wasteful envelopes, staples, strings or tags of any kind.   Luxury Ingredients: Black tea* *Organic Certified [Learn More]

English Breakfast Decaf Tea

A reasonably full-bodied tea for all traditions. Truly a good tasting decaf English Breakfast tea. The tea bags are unbleached, free of wasteful envelopes, staples, strings or tags of any kind.   Luxury Ingredients: Decaf black tea [Learn More]

Organic English Breakfast (25 Loose-Leaf Pyramid Teabags Carton)

Our Newest Offering! Gourmet Loose-Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags Leaf style: Orthodox Ingredients: Black Tea* Country of origin: Sri Lanka (Region: Highgrown – Dimbula, Uva, Nuwara Eliya), India (Regions: Kerala, Assam), Kenya (Region: Kericho), China (Region: Anhui) Cup flavor: Rich and malty - full of flavor. Description The organic cousin of our Grand English Breakfast, Organic Grand English Breakfast offers the same malty cup. What’s the difference? Organic teas are farmed naturally, free of any chemical input. Crafted in limited batches,... [Learn More]

Pacific NW Seafood

We are always looking for inspiration for new products to bring in; whether it's individual spices, herbs or chiles and more recently even nuts, dried fruit and ancient grains. But, I have to admit, what really gets me excited is trying to come up with a new seasoning blend.  The History of Pacific Northwest SeafoodThe Northwest Coast was home to North American Indians that lived in various clans or tribes (that numbered more than 30 in total) and had a... [Learn More]

Grand Breakfast (25 Loose-Leaf Pyramid Teabags Carton)

Our Newest Offering! Gourmet Loose-Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags Leaf style: CTC Ingredients: Black Tea Country of origin: India (Region: Assam), Kenya (Region: Kericho) Cup flavor: Lush burgundy depths, full and brisk. Description A cup fit for a King, Queen, Royal Consort, Prince, Princess, Duke, Prime Minister, Lord, you name it. This is the quintessential English breakfast tea. A full-bodied, blend of luxury, handcrafted black teas sourced from some of the world’s finest estates. Jolly good. Tea Master Notes: This is... [Learn More]

Lemon Balm

Herbaceous lemon notes with a slightly dry cup. Ancient Romans thought lemon balm tea promoted healthy life - All Hail Caesar! Luxury Ingredients: Lemon balm leaves Tea(s) From: Bulgaria Region(s): Varna Antioxidant Level: Low  Caffeine Content: None - Caffeine Free Herb Lemon Balm, (Latin: Melissa officinalis). If that doesn?t sound soothing we don?t know what does. Interestingly, Lemon Balm has nothing to do with lemons, other than its scent, which hints gently of the citrus fruit. The herb is actually a perennial n the mint... [Learn More]

Sage Leaves (Whole)

Savoury with hints of an English herb garden. Tending slightly dry. Luxury Ingredients: Sage Leaves. Tea(s) From: France Region(s): Provence Antioxidant Level: Low ? Caffeine Content: None - Caffeine Free When it comes to understanding the benefits of Sage, there is a poem written in 1608, titled variously, "The Englishmans Doctor" [sic] or "Physical observations for the perfect Preserving of the body of Man in continual health", that says it all.In Latin salvia takes the name of safetyIn English sage is rather wise than craftySith then... [Learn More]

Blue Mango Green Tea

The sweet piquant flavor of mango paired with a top quality sencha green tea. Incredible iced! Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Pineapple pieces, Mallow petals, Natural flavors  Made with all natural flavorings.  [Learn More]

Hermes Orange Green Tea

Hermes Orange Green has a sencha base that is kissed with the flavor of fresh oranges. Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Safflower petals, Natural flavors Made with all natural flavorings.  [Learn More]

Darjeeling Tea

Good body with a classic muscatel character. This quality is only available in June when the 2nd flush growing season is at its peak. Luxury Ingredients: Black tea.   [Learn More]

Sencha Tea

Our most popular Japanese-style green tea. Our Sencha is light in color but rich and full in cup.  Luxury Ingredients: Green tea  [Learn More]

Enjoy Trio

The Enjoy Trio features our house blends Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Caramel Crème Brulee, and Blueberry Vanilla Cream teas. So whether you’re seeking to celebrate, feeling deserving of dessert, or cozying up with that special someone, these teas will greatly enhance the spirit of the moment. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is sinfully delicious with its swirls of chocolate and berries. Caramel Crème Brulee will cloak you in caramel, milk, and warmth. Blueberry Vanilla Cream, featuring glorious blueberries with a dollop of cream,... [Learn More]

Green Tea

This classic green tea will start you down a healthy path of drinking green tea.  Luxury Ingredients: Green tea. [Learn More]

Mulling Spices

We custom blended this mulling spice to make the best mulled cider or wine ever. Believe us when we say that everyone will ask you what you added to the cider and where can they get it. We suggest 2 tablespoon of spice for a half gallon of cider. Place it in a Teatime 4 cup 2 1/2 inch mesh ball infuser and let steep for 30 minutes. Ingredients: Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Allspice [Learn More]

Henley Teapot 14oz / 27oz

Special Order - 7-10 days [Learn More]

Assam Borengajuli Tea

Malty with a jammy-like flavor best describes this premium Assam tea. The tea is vacuum-packed at the Borengajuli Estate capturing the pungent 2nd flush flavor at its peak. The tea bags are unbleached, free of wasteful envelopes, staples, strings or tags of any kind.   Luxury Ingredients: Black tea  [Learn More]

Henley Creamer

Special Order 7-10 days [Learn More]

Ginger Sencha Green

Full bodied ginger awakens your taste buds with hot spice and leads them to an astringent premium Japan Sencha finish. Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Ginger. Tea(s) From: China Region(s): Hunan Province Antioxidant Level: High Caffeine Content: Low  [Learn More]

Kanchenjunga Darjeeling 1st Flush

The first day of spring in a cup. Our First Flush tea is light, bright and floral. Made from only the finest tender shoots plucked from our clonal sections during the onset of spring, this stylishly made tea with a beautiful bloom and an abundance of silver tips is pure springtime in a cup. The liquor is light and bright, smooth on the palate with undertones of citrus flowers and peach. Full of aroma, it embodies all the attributes of the... [Learn More]

New England Breakfast Iced

Excellent color, lively character with a piquant astringency. An oaky burgundy finish lingers very nicely. Pour 1qt of boiling water over 1 tea bag. Let steep for 5 minutes. Remove tea bag (squeeze to ensure concentrate is full strength). Dilute concentrate by adding 3 qts cold water....add sugar to taste. [Learn More]

Long Island Strawberry Green Tea

This Sencha based tea is the best strawberry green we have ever tasted! Tart and sweet and as strong as a strawberry puree. Incredible iced and delicious hot. Green tea, Papaya + Strawberry pieces, Natural flavorsMade with all natural flavorings.  [Learn More]

Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha is a pan-fired sencha tea that is blended with toasted and popped rice giving the appearance of 'popcorn tea'. The cup is somewhat full bodied and sweet with a lovely bakey character from the toasted rice. A very popular green tea! Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Roasted + Popped rice [Learn More]

Margaret's Hope Darjeeling Tea

A Darjeeling from the Margaret's Hope Estate that has a delicate tending astringent cup with the distinctive Muscatel character. Hints of currant create an almost wine-like taste. A bright tending light cup of tea. The full name of this tea is Margaret's Hope FTGFOP 2nd Flush Darjeeling Tea.  Luxury Ingredients: Black tea  [Learn More]

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