October 16, 2015

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Fall Tea Jewels Lost in Halloween's Shadow

Pumpkin Spice Tea

The  blend of high quality black tea and South African Rooibos perfectly balances out thfall teas from culinary tease palate of flavors in this tea . The herbal character of the Rooibos tends a mellowness that doesn't overpower the subtle tones of our Pumpkin spices. The astringency of the black tea helps open the spicy tones of cinnamon, vanilla, apple pieces and dried oranges.

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October 07, 2015

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Nilgiri Nonsuch: One of Our Nicest Black Teas

Nilgiri hills is the third largest tea growing area in India.    The tea jas beem growing there since 19th century and is well-known as slightly fruity and spicy. Tea farmerNilgiri Hills are also called "Blue Hills", climate is tropical and the tea is harvested all year round. All the teas are consumed on the domestic market and processed by CTC  (Cut, Tear , Curl) method.Our Nilgiri Nonsuch tea is a semi-whole leaf (BOP) and light liquoring tea with a flowery taste.

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August 24, 2015

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Good Mood is the best Tea to feel good no matter what!

Good Mood Tea House Blend never fails to cheer us up.  We created this blend putting together what we love : chocolate, oranges, and tea. Roasted mate bring some deepness and toasted reach flavor.  

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Cold Brew Green Tea Bags with Matcha

Cold Brew Green is premium iced green tea with all of the flavor and health benefits of hot brewed green tea. Its pyramid shaped tea bag with pure tea leaves specially processed to infuse in cool water. The 5 gram tea bags contain carefully steamed and fired Sencha leaves which have been blended with a hint of Matcha. The result is a tea with a cool green color and subtle sweetness.  Simply place one 5 gram tea bag in 20 oz bottle of water, shake or stir gently and let infuse for an hour or less.   

What is so great about these tea bags?




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April 09, 2015

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Customer Invention: Organic Moroccan Mint Tea!

....Wanting to move to organic, I purchased a pound each of Organic PeppermiOsprey gunpowder from Cuinaryt easnt and Osprey Gunpowder Green. Using a mesh tea-infuser in a 10-oz mug, I pour boiling water over... 

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WOW!! What Great Feedback from Customers about our Matcha!

Have you been hearing about a secret health ingredient called Matcha?  We have it! 
matcha tea powder from culinaryteas
Matcha is concentrated green tea powder that is ideal to add to smoothies or make into a frothy tea. Matcha packs many times the antioxidants of green tea in one serving.    Our version meets with rave reviews from customers as you can see below.  

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January 22, 2015

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Blend Tea

Heart Shaped Pincer from Culinary teasJust as Valentine's Day is about romance, this tea, a unique blend from Culinary Teas, is an ideal pairing with foods that may be somewhat sweet, such as pancakes or waffles (breakfast in bed, anyone?), chocolate cake, or other delightful desserts.

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