February 05, 2014

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Assam Bukhail TGFOP: full-bodied Assam

In winter I like to drink black tea. Our Assam and Assam blends are flavorful and rich, yet smooth. My favorite is Assam Bukhail TGFOP (Second Flush). Second Flush means second harvest at the end of May.

TGFOP is a major grade of tea cultivated in the Assam or Darjeeling areas of India. Bukhial is the name of the estate where it is produced. It's a full-bodied Assam with a coppery color and a deep malty flavor. It is wonderful for breakfast and warms the body and soul. Try it with milk and little sugar.

February 05, 2014

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Irish Breakfast Green Tea : great green morning wake-up

In Ireland green is not only the color of the lucky Irish shamrock but also the color of this skillful blend of green teas from Shizuoka Province in Japan, Zhejian Province in China, and Kenya. The first thing you will notice during a tasting is the robust character of gunpowder tea followed by the smooth, gentle aftertaste of a Japanese green.

This blended Irish Breakfast Green not only makes a great morning drink brewed but can also be the base for a wake-up smoothie. Blend 1 cup cold tea with 1 inch fresh ginger root and two or three Kiwi fruits. Just think: a dose of health-giving antioxidants and Vitamin C with an emerald green color that might bring you a little bit of the luck of the Irish, too!

February 05, 2014

Tea as a gift of happiness

Tea is such a unique gift. It is good for the body ,  but mostly it nourishes the soul. It gives to everyone what one need at the particular time: focus,energy, relaxation or pleasure. It is wonderful companion for socialization and launching the conversation, it also beautifies moments of concentration and self-reflection.  It can be given to someone very close or distant. It is welcome in any household.   Most of the houses are full of stuff.

Tea will be always drunken. It is almost a non-material gift.

It is a gift of happiness ! 

February 05, 2014

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Vienna Opera Ball : great tea can inspire one to dream

Usually, when we think about jasmine tea, we think about green tea infused with jasmine flowers. Vienna Opera Ball is a special blend of black teas from Sri Lanka, India, and Kenya and yields subtle aromas of jasmine flowers to create a full and complete bouquet. 

Just its name makes me dream about Viennese palaces; it’s appearance, black tuxedos; and the pale jasmine leaves, the elegant white dresses of the ladies of the ball. Its full-bodied flavor is like the bold sound of a Strauss waltz played by a large orchestra.

To be at the Vienna Opera Ball was always my dream!

February 05, 2014

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Genmaicha: Roasted rice and green tea ? ( aka Popcorn tea)

Pour some water in Genmaicha. Wait. . . and the room will smell like something is roasting. The combination seems strange to our Western notions of what tea should be. Roasted rice and green tea? It actually tastes surprisingly good and once tried you will never forget its nutty combination of roasted rice and fresh green tea.

“Gen” means dark, “mai”, rice and “cha”, tea.

Genmaicha: dark roasted rice tea. The color, which is slightly yellow and a little cloudy, comes from the rice. The flavor is incomparable to anything else, with an aftertaste of nuts and roasted rice.

Tea culture came to Japan from China. Many things such as tea developed a new form in Japanese culture and something unique was created. Perhaps one of the reasons for adding rice to tea was its cost. With rice added it was less expensive and more affordable for poor Japanese farmers.

Brewing time is 2 minutes. You may steep this tea two or three more times, each time increasing the brewing period.

Genmaicha is a gastronomic surprise for anyone who has not tried it. It is an evening drink; there is very little caffeine and only one calorie per cup. I ate rice grains after sipping this tea and was very pleased. It was like a complete meal!

February 05, 2014

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Oolong Orange Blossom and sensory memories

Recently, I discovered a subtle and fragrant tea that brought back memories of my time in Provence 20 years ago on hot afternoons in a garden suffused with the aroma of rosemary and lavender.

My friend’s grandmother and I were peeling green beans for a big party. The strings were thrown to feed the snails in a cage the family kept in their garden. Many families raised snails in their gardens for eating. They were prepared for special occasion meals with garlic and Herbes de Provence—unique and delicious!

For tea break I served myself brioche that was made with “eau de fleur d’oranger” (orange blossom water) and a cup of tea. I do not remember the tea, but the sensory experience of tea and the subtle fragrance of orange blossom is anchored in my memory without my being aware of it. Whenever I taste Oolong Orange Blossom tea this vivid picture is  formed in my imagination.

Some unusual flavor combinations can reawaken wonderful sensory memories of unforgettable moments in our lives...


February 05, 2014

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Lemon Verbena: A tonic for the digestive system

Lemon Verbena, called The Queen’s Herb, has benefits that are known the world over. Originally from South America, it has been imported to Europe 400 years ago.

Spanish conquistadors noticed this plant because of its citrusy aromas. 

There are many ways to use Lemon Verbena tea in cooking, baking, and dessert making. Sprinkle it on fish, poultry, rice, or add it to zucchini or banana bread, coffee cake, and any food in place of lemon zest. Create a sauce for your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers with applesauce, garlic, and Lemon Verbena. Lemon Verbena ice cream and sorbets are a gourmet treat!and named it after the Spanish Queen Maria Louisa.

Consider Lemon Verbena tea for its antidepressant benefits and its positive effect on the nervous system and digestion. What a great herb for the holiday season and long dark nights!