Burger (Beef) Seasonings

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There aren’t many things better than finally getting to cook outside once the weather warms up and there is nothing better than a burger on the grill. 

This has led to lots of experimenting with everything from what medium to cook on, different types of meat to use and of course using a variety of seasonings. I was in the mood to have this next burger seasoning to have more of an onion and garlic base. Since I am constantly researching and developing new seasonings to test I’ve naturally become a bit biased to having some favorite spices. I absolutely love using roasted granulated garlic and toasted granulated onion. Roasted garlic has a bold, aromatic and almost sweet flavor profile with caramel undertones. While toasted onion seals in the lively, deep onion flavor while replacing the sharpness of traditional granulated onion with a warm, delicate aroma.

Also while I tend to shy away from salt as a primary ingredient in most of our blends I tested several versions of this blend during development with different salt amounts until I felt that I hit on the ideal combination.

Flavor Profile
You’ll first pick up a saltiness followed by the bold onion flavor and then hints of garlic and even a touch of sweetness.

What’s In It

Hand blended from sea salt, toasted onion, roasted garlic, paprika and chives.

How to Use It

For our Burger Seasoning I’ve tended to season more liberally than my general recommendation of 1 tablespoon of seasoning per lb of meat. For the first several times that you use this seasoning I suggest that you go with less than you think that you need as our blends tend to be quite potent. You can always add more flavor after tasting.

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