Taste is one of the many enjoyable aspects when drinking a hot cup of tea. Yet the flavor experience can go beyond black, white, green and oolong teas. Through flavored teas, you can try a broad range of varieties to fit your preferences, moods and occasions.

What Are Flavored Teas?

Flavored teas include various aromas or blends to create a uniquely flavored beverage that’s different from normal tea. Sometimes, the added flavors complement and highlight the notes of the tea, while other teas feature the added flavor over the taste of the tea itself.

In some cases, the tea is blended with certain ingredients for a fusion of flavor. For instance, we create a blend of cherry and rose with rooibos tea. Alternatively, some flavored teas gain their taste from aromas and flavors added to the tea. One of our teas flavored this way is our Butterscotch Caramel Toffee Tea.

Have a Flavored Tea Experience

Many people enjoy the natural characteristics of black, green and other teas. You can find wide variation from the type of tea, where the tea is sourced, the processing and other factors. Yet flavored tea offers a new experience to add variety from cup to cup or even to enhance the notes of the tea.

The experience of taste testing is a big part of the fun. You can try mint tea, blueberry tea and many other flavor choices. Tea tasting can be similar to trying different types of coffee or wine, which can also come in flavored varieties.

Flavored teas work well for food and beverage pairings. For instance, you could pair an orange tea with a citrus treat or serve a caramel tea to accentuate hints of caramel within a dessert.

In some cases, the flavoring can take center stage and somewhat cover the taste of the tea. This can be enjoyable for a range of tea experiences. Also, it’s a good choice for people who don’t prefer tea or who want to replace their favorite dessert with a healthier cup of tea that promotes heart health and provides other benefits. For instance, you could have a cup of chocolate tea rather than chocolate cake.

Buy Flavored Tea Online

Culinary Teas offers more than 100 varieties of flavored teas for you to taste and enjoy. Discover fruity, citrus, sweet, spicy and nutty notes to excite your taste buds and provide a range of experiences. From almond and amaretto options to fruity black currant and boysenberry, you’ll find a flavor to fit any preference.

Whether you’re in the mood for something light (such as our Ginger Peach Tea) or you want a flavored tea that can replace a dessert (such as our Caramel Creme Brule Tea), you can find something perfect within our wide assortment.

For our flavored teas, we use gourmet tea and other high-quality ingredients. All of our selections feature loose leaf tea that provides maximum flavor, freshness and health benefits. We also package and store our teas to make sure they reach you in the best condition possible.

Peruse our assortment to buy flavored tea today.