Kukicha Tea - China

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Distinctive Japanese green profile. Cup tends lightly vegetative leading to a beguiling finish loaded with malt. Like Sencha grade teas, Kukicha is made by steaming the stalks before processing in order to halt fermentation. The cup produced is exceptionally clean, with a mild nutty flavor, malty highlights and cream on the finish. Many proponents claim the character is reminiscent of South African Rooibos. In Japan, the tea is commonly enjoyed on its own or, due to its low caffeine levels, (approx. 1/10th of other green teas), added to fruit juices to make children’s tea. 

Note that this tea is grown in the Japanese style, but is Chinese from the Zhejiang Province. 

This is an Overstock item.  Final sale.  Vacuum sealed.  Good for 20 years unopened, 2 years after opening.  

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