Rooibos Teas

For a delicious alternative to traditionally caffeinated tea, rooibos tea is the perfect choice. Beloved in South Africa for centuries, it’s an herbal option available in many varieties and flavors. Find one you love at Culinary Teas, the industry’s leading gourmet tea provider, where there’s a tea for every taste.

A Wide Selection of Rooibos Varieties

Naturally caffeine-free, rooibos tea — also known as red tea, red bush tea or bush tea — comes from the leaves of Aspalathus linearis, a plant typically grown in South Africa.

Rooibos tea is available in numerous variations and is perfect for enjoying the same way you would black tea — whether by itself or mixed with cream and sugar. We carry a wide selection including Chai Rooibos, Cherry Rose Rooibos and the candy-like Chocolate Mint. Shop our assortment online to find the rooibos red bush tea that you’ll love. Use this page’s search tabs to filter results and see what appeals to you.

Rooibos Tea Benefits

Not only is rooibos red bush tea a great, caffeine-free alternative to coffee or black or green teas, but it’s also high in antioxidants. Because antioxidants are known to help protect cells from free radicals and decrease risks for certain illnesses, there is some possibility that drinking red tea can be good for your health.

Additionally, compared to other tea varieties, rooibos is lower in tannins, the natural compounds that can interfere with nutrient absorption, and free of oxalic acid, a substance associated with higher risks of kidney stones. On top of that, it’s flavorful and enjoyable to drink.

 Why Culinary Teas?

Based in Downers Grove, Illinois, we believe in offering a gourmet tea for every taste. Browse our selection of rooibos red bush tea varieties, and you’ll see we offer plenty of options to explore.

Despite our large collection, we only supply products from the top 1 percent of tea growers in the world. This means, whatever you order from us, you know you’re getting the highest-possible quality.

We also pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. When you order tea from us, we’ll get it to you as quickly as possible. In fact, about 98 percent of all orders are fulfilled within two days.

Learn more about our rooibos tea by shopping the selection on this page, and place your order today!