Most people are introduced to tea through basic boxed tea bags from supermarket shelves. By steeping these tea bags, you get to take part in the soothing, enjoyable experience of this popular hot beverage. Yet a deeper look at tea shows more to offer than tea bags.

Explore Gourmet Tea

The best tea goes beyond tea bags and supermarket shelves. The problem with tea bags isn’t the bags per se, but that they usually contain inferior tea. With this format, you’ll be steeping fannings or tea dust, which are crushed leaves that tend to be old and stale.

In the broader world of tea, you’ll find gourmet loose tea that uses the whole leaf. When you brew the full leaves, more essential oils are released for a richer, more pleasurable experience than tea bags. This is because loose tea includes larger leaves from which to draw the oils and because the leaves are fresher.

Gourmet loose tea can be compared to fine wine or gourmet coffee, which offers a better taste and experience than mainstream varieties.

Benefits of the Tea Experience

Tea is so much more than a hot beverage. It offers an experience. It is one of the world’s most popular beverages for numerous reasons. It has a taste people enjoy, with many varieties from which to choose. Tea options provide a range of caffeine levels — allowing people to drink tea for a pick-me-up or a decaffeinated wind-down session.

Many people enjoy the ritual of making gourmet hot tea, whether it is for a casual cup or as part of a formal ritual, such as a Japanese tea ceremony or a traditional afternoon tea. Tea is enjoyable by yourself or as part of a tea party with others. Part of the experience is using a beautiful tea set and serving the tea.

Overall, tea brings pleasure through the taste, varieties and process of choosing, making, serving and drinking this delightful beverage. In addition, every cup offers the health benefits of the antioxidants found within tea from the camellia sinensis plant. Tea is associated with promoting heart health among other benefits.

Enhance the Experience

Gourmet tea provides more enjoyment. People choose gourmet loose leaf tea because it delivers a richer flavor with more varieties. In addition to the black, oolong, white and green teas commonly found on the market, you will discover a wide range of varieties under each category when exploring gourmet loose leaf tea. Through fresher, larger leaves, you can gain an extra boost of the health-promoting properties of tea leaves.

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