Snowy Mountain Jian Tea

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Snowy Mountain Jian is an exotic Chinese green tea. Clear, rich and pungent. Sweet and floral aroma. Long wiry leaf with a touch of 'white tea down.'

Luxury Ingredients: Green tea

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  • Country of Origin: China
    Region: Zhejiang Province
    Shipping Port: Shanghai or Hong Kong
    Grade: China Congou Mao Jian
    Altitude: up to 5000 feet above sea level
    Manufacture Type: Orthodox
    Cup Characteristics: Good body, full flavored, tending herbaceous with satisfying sweetness
    Infusion: Fairly colory green teas infusion
    Ingredients: 100% Premium green tea

    This tea has very well developed long leaves, with a hint of silver tip signifying that the plucking is extremely selective. (In order to get the 'tippy' leaf style the tea must be plucked daily so only the new shoots are gathered). This tea is primarily harvested/plucked during the early spring when the tea bushes first begin to flush (can be compared to 1st flush teas). This tea comes from the mountainous region on the Wuyi Mountains. Although it is a green tea, it is allowed to ferment very briefly to give the dry leaves a dark hue. The taste is much smoother that traditional green teas with body and some pungency. The aroma is almost sweet and floral.

    This tea is surprisingly pungent tea and is good tea for someone who is traditionally a black tea drinker but would like to try a green tea without giving up too much strength and body.

  • Hot tea brewing method: Use 2-4 teaspoons of tea per 4-cup tea pot (you vary the strength of the tea by the amount of tea used); pour in boiling water that has been freshly drawn. (Do not over boil the water as this will de-oxygenate the water and affect the flavor of the tea). Steep the tea for 2-5 minutes depending upon the strength of the tea desired. Stir the tea after about 2 minutes (if you used boiling water virtually all the leaves will sink to the bottom of the tea pot), let it stand for another 15-30 seconds (or more) and then gently pour into your cup.

    Ideally this tea should be consumed without sugar or milk, but it is perfectly acceptable to add both of these items.

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