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New 3-Tin Sampler Sets

Great new git box offering different varieties of tea for your enjoyment.  

Our 3-tin sets make the perfect gift. Affordable and holding 3 different teas, 1oz of each, 40-45 cups of tea per gift set.

Several varieties to choose from, each comes in closable box with reusable tins.


Holiday: Christmas Blend, German Gingerbread, and Christmas Cookie

Earl Grey; Earl Grey, Cream Earl Grey, Russian Earl Grey

Breakfast Tea: English, Scottish and St. Paul's Breakfast Teas

Flavored Black: Huckleberry, Candian Ice Wine, Peach Apricot

Flavored Green; Blueberry, Peach Apricot, Crime of Passion

Chai: Cochin, White Choc, Pumpkin

Sencha: Organic Fuji, Sencha, and Decaf Sencha


    New 3-Tin Sampler Sets