Tea provides a hot, comforting beverage that many people turn to when they’re not feeling well. All types of tea have commonly been associated with boosting wellness and offering a soothing experience. At the same time, some types of teas can be used for specific wellness purposes.

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Wellness tea is meant for health-boosting benefits, and it is different from regular black, green, oolong and white tea. While those teas all come from the same plant, camellia sinensis, wellness teas are herbal blends. Technically known as tisanes instead of the more common term of herbal tea, they contain plant components such as leaves, bark, flowers, roots, seeds or fruit. These plant components come from one or more plants other than camellia sinensis.

Wellness teas are enjoyable for their exciting flavors that differ wildly, depending on the ingredients of each one. You can taste endless varieties. Herbal teas also provide some of the same benefits as regular tea, such as the comfort of a hot cup and the ritual of brewing and serving tea. In addition, tisanes can offer wellness benefits that vary by the ingredients included in each batch.

Wellness Tea Benefits

Herbal wellness tea tends to provide plant materials that are associated with health-promoting properties. For example, you could enjoy a cold and flu tea designed to help with symptoms such as coughing. Ingredients found in some herbal teas, such as ginger, are associated with improving the immune system’s ability to carry out its functions, while other herbs have been connected to helping with digestion, encouraging a calm state of mind, improving skin health and various other benefits. The key is to choose a tea formulated for the health benefit for which you’re looking.

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At Culinary Teas, we offer a broad selection of gourmet loose leaf teas, including a vast wellness tea collection. Our carefully blended selection includes Comfort Herbal Tea, Arthritis Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Tea, Digestive Health Herbal Tea and many other natural blends with particular health benefits in mind. Our teas will ignite your senses through their gourmet flavors while they help promote wellness.

The quality and process we follow help bring out the health benefits of specific plants. That's because we obtain ingredients of the highest quality and package and store the tea with a method that maintains the highest level of freshness. We also offer organic herbal tea to help you avoid contaminants and only take in ingredients that support your health and wellness.

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