Minimally processed and high in antioxidants, white tea makes for a gentle, flavorful brew. Like black and green tea, it comes from the Camellia sinensis plant — but gets harvested earlier for a more delicate result. At Culinary Teas, we carry a large variety of white tea. Find the perfect variety for your tastes here.

Types of White Tea

White tea is distinct because of when it’s harvested: before the plants and buds can fully open, while there are still tiny white hairs on the plant. White tea also goes through a fast and meticulous drying process, which keeps the leaves from experiencing heavy oxidization. This way, because the leaves have a shorter exposure to oxygen, they stay lighter and fresher.

Today’s tea industry includes all kinds of flavors and types of white tea. We’re pleased to offer only the best — with varieties that range from Peach Apricot to Blueberry White to Peppermint. Browse this page and use the search tabs to filter results, so you can find a flavor you’ll love.

White Tea Benefits

Even beyond the fresh flavor, there are many benefits of white tea. First, it’s easy to prepare. Simply steep leaves in hot water for five to eight minutes, strain and serve.

Also, like many other kinds of tea, white tea is high in antioxidants, which have been shown to help protect cells against the damage of free radicals. In fact, if you’re interested in hearing more about white tea health benefits, this drink has been linked with a possibly reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, insulin resistance, osteoporosis, skin aging, Alzheimer’s and more.

The long list of benefits from this brew makes it a great choice for your body and for your enjoyment! Shop our selection to get inspired.

Why Choose Culinary Teas?

The beauty of coming to Culinary Teas is that our white teas are the best in the business. We intentionally source from only the top 1 percent of growers worldwide, in order to achieve the highest-quality, most flavorful results for our customers. Whether you already know what types of white tea you want, or you’d like to browse, come to us. You’ll find plenty of flavors to tempt your taste buds. Culinary Teas believes there’s a tea for every taste.

Even better, when placing your order, you can count on it to be shipped as quickly as possible. We fulfill most orders within two days, from our location in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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