Caregiver Hug Tea Gift Collection

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Do you know someone taking care of a friend or loved one?  Do they need a pick-me-up?  Would you like to say thank you for all they do? 

This selection of teas is perfect for delivering a cheery break to their day. Each of the teas, Cherry Almond, Huckleberry, Black Currant, Wild Blackberry, and Long Island Strawberry Green Teas, is bright and fruity. We hand-pack five 1oz samples with a Mesh Pincer Spoon in a Gift Box to complete the gift.  

Just let us know your message when you check out!  We will include a beautiful description of each of the teas in the box.

We will help you take care of your Caregiver!   


  Infuser and Box Color will vary by availability.

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  • We offer wholesale pricing for Tea Rooms, Retailers, Restaurants, and more.

  • We offer Gift Boxes for many of our teas.

  • We chose these particular berry teas because they appeal to a broad variety of palates, and introduce a spectrum of berry teas.

  • Each one of the 1 oz samplers will come with its own brewing instructions. Generally you will brew 1 tsp of these teas with boiling water for 3-5 minutes. The exception is Long Island Strawberry Green which needs only 180F degree water, but 5-7 minutes to steep.

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