Nifty Matcha Frother

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FINALLY!  A battery-powered Matcha Tea Frother!  Simply add two AAA batteries to our Nifty Matcha Frother, press the button, and froth your Matcha powder in with the liquid of your choice.  In a few seconds you will have delightfully frothy Matcha.  Our Matcha Frother works equally well with hot or cold Matcha.  Use it with water, milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, a yogurt/milk combination, juice, or whatever you like.  This is the modern way to make your favorite cup of healthy Matcha tea.  

See the Nifty Matcha Frother in action HERE.  

Are you just getting started with Matcha?  Or giving a gift?  Try our Matcha Starter Kit, now with the option to include this Nifty Matcha Frother instead.  

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