Introducing Spicy Good Mood Tea

Spicy Good Mood TeaLooking for a tea with some zip that will lift you up? Then look no further than Spicy Good Mood Tea.

With hints of citrus and chocolate in its aroma and bouquet, the crowning achievement of this tea is the pizzazz you get from chili powder. Spicy Good Mood Tea is sure to uplift you, and will get you sitting upright or standing tall. Not for the faint of heart, this tea is pleasant enough that it won’t bowl you over. A nice zippy complement to your morning or any time of day. This tea will leave your tongue tingling and you will feel energized by it!   
-- Dan RSpicy Good Mood Tea

By way of background, our Spicy Good Mood Tea starts with our own Good Mood Tea, one of our most popular concoctions.  It has organic cacao nibs, containing the ingredient that makes you happy when you eat chocolate!   In the mix are orange peel (yum!), roasted mate (for caffeine and richness), plus a black tea base.  Good Mood Tea is delicious on its own.  Then, we add a dose of ground Habaneros from Pepper Joe's.  This brings a subtle heat that will surprise you.  It feels like the warmth of the tea persists in your body for an extra moment.  Try it!