We are committed to providing the highest quality tea possible with the best customer service in the industry. We specialize in providing our wholesale customer the quality, support and service they expect from the leader in wholesale tea business.

We have wholesale partners throughout the United States, from coffee and tea shops to restaurants, cafes, spas, gourmet shops, and a plethora of others. We provide a personalized experience to fit each wholesale partners' needs and are committed to giving you the ongoing support to help make your business a success.

If you're interested in being a wholesale, corporate gift or charitable organization partner, please fill out the contact form below.  

Note: If you are just getting started with brewing tea in large quantities, e.g. for a Tea Room or Restaurant, you may be interested in these guidelines we have created, located HERE. We can also utilize our analytics and run reports on the most popular teas in your general area of operation. 


Why Purchase Wholesale From Culinary Teas?

At Culinary Teas, we believe in offering a gourmet tea for every taste. That’s exactly why we have more than 500 loose leaf teas, tea bags and accessories available. Our tea selections give you a way to enjoy the highest-quality tea, made by the top 10 percent of all tea growers in the world. More than that, we have a wide selection of flavors, the fairest prices in the industry and exceptional customer service. When ordering wholesale from us, you can rest easy that you’ll get your tea as quickly as possible. About 98 percent of our orders get fulfilled within 24-hrs of being placed, sent from our location in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Becoming a wholesale customer is easy, you can order via our website, phone or email. We also provide our wholesale customers analytics and support in choosing teas to carry and sell.


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