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5 Fun Cocktails That Tea Drinkers Will Love

October 08, 2018

A simple cup of tea is wonderful, but why not try a cocktail for a little variety? Just combine your favorite brew with juice, herbs and/or alcohol to create a refreshing spin on the beverage. To inspire you with a few ideas, here are some tea-based cocktails (and one mocktail) worth mixing:  Five-ingredient hibiscus margaritas: All you need are steeped hibiscus leaves, lime juice, tequila, sweetener (agave nectar and/or cane sugar) to make these pretty pink cocktails. Tart and sweet, they’ll go great with spicy food like tacos. Matcha mint juleps: If there’s anything better than a mint julep, it’s a mint julep with a hint of matcha. You’ll love this Southern favorite with a teatime twist. Hot chai toddy:...

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