Sip Your Tea Through the Jam

Sip your teas through Jam from CulinaryteasTea and Jam is one of the oldest traditional pairing. In Russia, where I was born, tea is often served with pastries, sugar, lemon, honey or jam.

According to Russian tea drinking tradition we put a small spoonful of jam in our mouths and then sip the tea through the jam. The hot tea melts the fruit preserves and transforms the flavor giving to our taste buds an unforgettable  taste experience.

And of course, if there is any fruits pieces in the jam, you will have it to chew with each sip. 

The classic unflavored teas that pair perfectly with all jams are any Breakfast teas, Sri Lankan teas, Yunnan or any Assam or Darjeeling. Earl Grey collection is another classic. 

We are very exited to now offer jams and preserves in addition to our outstanding tea collection.  

Here are a few  original recommendations for 
matching our new jams and preserves with our already amazing tea selection

Apple Butter -  Black Currant Tea or Almond Tea 

Blueberry Preserve - Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos or Lavender Earl Grey

 Strawberry Rhubarb Preserve -  Rose Tea or Mint Green Tea

Cranberry Pear Preserve - Ginger Peach Tea or Caramel Tea

Happy sipping!