Darjeeling MIM served in a special Cobalt Net tea set

Cobalt Net Tea set at Culinary Teas

For special occasions I use a special tea set I brought from Russia. This tea set has a direct connection with my cultural heritage. It is called Cobalt Blue Net and was first made for the Russian Tsarina Elisabeth in the 18th Century. She was daughter of Peter The Great and she ruled the country for 20 years. During this time scientists all over Europe were experimenting with ways to create porcelain. Russia was the third country after Meissen (Germany) and Sevres (France) to do this at Manufacture of Russian imperial porcelain began in St. Petersburg.  

The Imperial Porclain factory survived revolutions, wars, and the Communist period and still manufactures these beautiful tea sets to this day.  They are hand-painted and tea brewed in them is particularly flavorful.  I brewed Darjeeling MIM 2nd Flush in my Cobalt Net tea set.  The tea has full, velvety grounded flavor and beautiful color.  This tea drinking experience was a pleasure for all senses.