If you like green tea you will love Sencha.

I love it because of its freshness, color, and the light energy
boost and uplift it gives me. You can drink Sencha any time of day—with food, desserts, or just by itself.
This Japanese-style tea is simple and uncomplicated to prepare: It can be brewed with over-boiled or hard water and you can put as much tea in the mesh as you wish. Experiment to find out what you like. However, there is one preparation rule that should be respected: brew time should not exceed
1 minute. A short infusion time allows this tea to open up and release its subtle aromas, create a beautiful light green color, deliver smooth taste, and incredible foam. The leaves can be brewed up to three times, but the best will be the first infusion. A long brew time will make the liquor cloudy and the taste bitter.
Sencha is best served in white porcelain or transparent glass cups.
The freshness of the leaves is assured by the special way they are prepared: steamed, not dried or heated. This is why its caffeine and tannin levels are quite low and its antioxidant properties high.
If you have leftover Sencha don’t throw it out. It can be incorporated in smoothies or added to rice water when cooking. It will add new aromas!