Oolong Orange Blossom and sensory memories

Recently, I discovered a subtle and fragrant tea that brought back memories of my time in Provence 20 years ago on hot afternoons in a garden suffused with the aroma of rosemary and lavender.

My friend’s grandmother and I were peeling green beans for a big party. The strings were thrown to feed the snails in a cage the family kept in their garden. Many families raised snails in their gardens for eating. They were prepared for special occasion meals with garlic and Herbes de Provence—unique and delicious!

For tea break I served myself brioche that was made with “eau de fleur d’oranger” (orange blossom water) and a cup of tea. I do not remember the tea, but the sensory experience of tea and the subtle fragrance of orange blossom is anchored in my memory without my being aware of it. Whenever I taste Oolong Orange Blossom tea this vivid picture is  formed in my imagination.

Some unusual flavor combinations can reawaken wonderful sensory memories of unforgettable moments in our lives...