Pu-erh benefits

Pu-erh is often compared with good wine. It is made using the oldest methods of tea making. The leaves are gathered in big piles and undergo a process of fermentation and oxidation and since the earliest times pu-erh has been pressed into bricks or cakes for easy transportation.  
Pu-erh's flavor is incomparable with anything else and its complexity is unique: sometimes a little spicy, sometimes sweet, with a honey-toned, earthy, grounding. The flavor depends on its type, age and grade. 
It is a health tonic, too, rich in vitamins and minerals and contains high levels of antioxidants. With age, pu-erh’s healing benefits are enhanced and it develops a smoother and better flavor. It has known benefits for weight loss and lowering cholesterol level, helping digestion after heavy or oily meals.