Cold Brew Green Tea Bags with Matcha

Our Cold Brew Green  tea bags are premium iced green tea with all of the flavor and health benefits of hot brewed green tea.  The pyramid-shaped tea bags hold pure tea leaves specially processed to infuse in cool water. The 5 gram tea bags contain carefully steamed and fired Sencha leaves which have been blended with a hint of Matcha. The result is a tea with a cool green color and subtle sweetness. Simply place one 5 gram tea bag in 20 oz bottle of water, shake or stir gently and enjoy!

What is so good about Green Tea and Matcha?


 It increases

- academic performance

- concentration

- immunity

- energy and vivacity

And yes, antioxidants!

A lot of them to keep us young, healthy  and beautiful!

What is great about these tea bags?

Convenience!  No need to boil water, just put the bag in the water bottle and enjoy all through the day. It is a good idea to have a stock of this tea bags in your car.  Add cold water whenever you need refreshment.

It is very pleasant, tasty, refreshing, delicious tea. The water becomes beautiful  light emerald color.

Our Cold Brew Bags have enough flavor to be infused up to
5 times so just keep refilling your bottle and
one teabag will last you all day.  
We offer them in Classic Green, Mango, and Peach.