Kukicha Twig tea: a uniquely Japanese invention

Japanese teas are always a surprise. Kukicha is one of those surprises. Nothing is wasted in the processing of this precious drink. It is a uniquely Japanese invention. Kuki means twig cha means tea. The tea is made from twigs, leaves, and stalks cut from Sencha production. Leaves and stalks are processed separately and cut in the same size. As the majority of the tea is leaves and steams, Kukicha is low in caffeine and is wonderful tea in the afternoon or before bed. Taste of Kukicha is mildly sweet, little nutty  and vegetal. Light transparent green color. This tea will never overwhelm. 

The flavor of Japanese Green tea balances fresh bitterness and natural sweetness. The bitterness comes from catechin and caffeine and its sweetness from theanine, an amino acid.

Take time for tea. One or two tea breaks during a busy day will lift your spirits. Drinking several delicious cups of tea during the day, or with meals may keep you healthier than any medicine.

That is the reason why people have loved tea for 5,000 years.