Bamboo Temple Yunnan: red-orange liquor has an aroma of marmalade!

Bamboo Temple Yunnan from Culinary teasThe tea tree originated in the Chinese Province of Yunnan. This  aromatic and full bodied tea is named after one of the famous  Temples of China. There was a legend that visitors who spent a nigh in the Nine Immortal Tower of this temple, had  beautiful dreams and in the morning had their wishes fulfilled.

Another legend says that a tea artisan from Yunnan who struggled to make ends meet on the patch of land he farmed. In desperation, he traveled to Shizhusi Temple to visit a long lost cousin who was a monk there. The monk, sensing that his cousin was in dire straits offered him a bed in the famous tower. That night, the artisan dreamt that his fields were filled with the thick bushes of a tea variety he'd never seen before. In the morning, he awoke, thanked his cousin and set off back to Fujian. You can guess how the rest of the story goes!

Red-orange liquor has an aroma of marmalade, taste is full, rich and slightly sweet. Wonderful, long lasting aftertaste. The fragrance of this tea stays in the cup after you finish it.