How to Make Iced Rooibos Tea






Rooibos Tea is so good iced. It is caffeine free, full of vitamin C and has two flavonoids (quercetin and luteolin) that fights cancer. To make an Iced Rooibos:

1) Double the amount of tea used for the brew.

2) Add sweetener if desired during the  brewing.  Choose natural sweeteners maple syrup, brown rice syrup, honey, agave nectar or stevia. 

3) Once brewed, immediately pour tea into a cup or pitcher filled with ice. The rapid cooling locks the aroma.

4) Add slices of lemon, cut strawberries or other fruits in the pitcher.

One nice summer treat is Cinnamon Spice Rooibos Iced.  Lovely combination of rooibos needles,  orange peels, cinnamon and slices of oranges. Refreshing, citrucy and balanced.