Tea Lovers Tips About Cups Cleaning

We recently wrote a blog post about cup cleaning with baking soda. In response we got wonderful tips from our customers: 

"There is a white synthetic sponge made in Germany that cleans tea and coffee stains from cups and saucers including all other stains available in Japanese grocery stores. All you do is wet the tea cup and the sponge and it will wipe off all stains etc. there are no chemicals in the sponge of any kind. It is the composition and texture that allows the cleaning. It in non abrasive and will not scratch the surface.
With antique cups, plates, when the finish begins to alligator, you first clean with the sponge then soak in a oxygen bleach/cleaner. Do not use Chlorine compounds it will not work it has to be oxygen bleach.That will remove the stains in the very fine cracks. Then wash with the sponge again. Think of museum quality restoration in this situation."

"The easiest way to clean tea stains is to wait until you're going to run a white wash or clean a white porcelain sink. Fill cup with water to 1/2" of top. Put in 1T bleach. Wait a few minutes. Pour water into next cup, put cleaned cup into dishwasher. When finished with cups, use water in laundry or to clean sink. Or do several at once and use the bleach water to clean sponge gourds from the garden. No scrubbing, no waste...and you can do the crossword while the cups soak. "

"Another stain remover:  Something I have found for the tea cup or tea pot, that won’t clean no matter what you use.Denture cleaner.  Drop a cleaner with water in the cup or pot let set overnight and it will take tea stains out of the bone china cup or pot that just wont give up it’s stain.It took me years and I tried everything but this one finally worked on the worst stains."