Nilgiri Nonsuch: One of Our Nicest Black Teas

Nilgiri hills is the third largest tea growing area in India.    Tea has been growing there since 19th century and is well-known as slightly fruity and spicy. Harvesting Nilgiri NonsuchNilgiri Hills are also called "Blue Hills"; the climate is tropical and the tea is harvested all year round. All the teas are consumed on the domestic market and processed by CTC  (Cut, Tear, Curl) method.Our Nilgiri Nonsuch tea is a semi-whole leaf (BOP) and light liquoring tea with a flowery taste.
The nose  of Nilgiri Nonsuch is fruity bouquet of papaya and peach. Liquor is slightly malty with pleasant tannins. When you drink it, you can enjoy the aromas of pepper, orange peel and cooked fruits. The aftertaste is pleasant and fruity.