What to give a Caregiver?

Caregiver HugTea is calming.  Tea is warm.  Tea reminds us to breathe in the delicious aroma, warm our hands, and pause for a moment.  Caregivers need all that. 

A gift of tea is a perfect way to say thank you to a caregiver.   

We've prepared our Caregiver Hug Gift Box especially for that purpose.  

Do you know people in your life who are giving of their time for others?  Is there someone who is dedicating many hours of their day to care for an elderly parent or sick spouse?  Would you like to do something special for them?  Send them our Caregiver Hug.  

Each of the teas, Cherry Almond, Black Currant, Wild Blackberry, Huckleberry, and Long Island Strawberry Green Teas, is bright and fruity.  We hand-pack the five 1 once tea pouches in a Gift Box with a Mesh Pincer Spoon.  Just let us know your special message when you check out!  

We will help you take care of your Caregiver!   First time customer order