Why We Ship the Way We Do

Congratulations on choosing gourmet tea!  Now how will we get it to you? 

Luxury gourmet tea poses a shipping challenge. It is expensive, light, and delicate. Many of our teas take up a surprising amount of space for their weight, as they are full leaf teas.  

We ship in boxes to protect your tea. No one wants to spend $20 on a few ounces of estate tea and have it arrive crushed. You can buy stale crushed dust at the grocery store! 

We ship with a tracking number to provide visibility to your delivery.  Over the years we have been in business (since 2001) some packages appeared lost. With a tracking number we (and our customers) can see the progress of the shipment toward delivery. In addition, in the rare case of a truly lost package we have recourse through insurance to recoup the lost tea cost.

We offer ways to earn free shipping.  Large orders (over $75) earn free shipping. Additionally, every order you place earns loyalty points toward free shipping.  

We lose money on our shipping. What we charge to customers does not fully cover our costs to ship to you, but we aim to make it close.  

Lastly, know that we are constantly working on options to improve our shipping.  In April 2014 we moved to a new software platform that lowered the shipping costs we could offer. At the same time, the new platform enabled us to ship to Canada effectively. We're currently evaluating a new shipping partner to reduce costs further.  

We welcome your ideas and thoughts.  Please Contact Us to pass them on.