Culinary Tea Tips From our Customers

We appreciate all the great recommendations from our customers.  A tea expert is made every day!  Try some of these tips on your cooking-with-tea adventure: 

Jessica: "You can make a yummy dinner by steaming white fish with
very strong Jasmine green tea, and aromatics like ginger, lemon grass, and scallions."Fish cooked in Jasmine Green tea with flowers from Culinary teas

Diane : " Brew up one cup of Long Island Strawberry Sencha let cool right to room
temp. Then in a blender pour the tea, 6 ice cubes and two scoops of
vanilla frozen yogurt and blend into a smoothie. Pour into tall glass and

Debbie : "Mix pure tart cherry juice with tea,sometimes I add raw honey which is a
natural antibiotic. Great for inflammation, plus a lot of other healthy

Kevin: "I have a quick tea tip. If you take tea and grind it up in a spice grinder
you can add it to shortbread and make the best cookies ever."tea tips from Culinary Teas customers

Melinda: "When making shortbread cookies add matcha tea."

Lyndi Sue  : "Cooled green tea bags under the eyes to diminish lines (temporarily)."