Elite Teas for Your New Year's Celebration

Elite Teas for Your New Year's Celebration

Adam's PeakAdam's Peak Rare White is the Dom Perignon of tea.  If you want to start your new year drinking the world's most spectacular tea, this is it. Production is extremely limited because the long leaves, are painstakingly hand-selected and rolled. It is also known as "silver tips."

Adam's Peak is a tall conical mountain located in central Sri Lanka.  On the top of the mountain is the Sri Pada rock formation, which is considered by Buddhists to be the footprint of Buddha.  Other elite teas that we offer include: 

Premium Milk Oolong is like velvet that somehow took liquid form and was blended with a sweet light cream. 

During infusion Jasmine Dragon Pearlstop two leaves and bud come to life.  You will see some small 'hairy down' on the bud of the leaves that denotes superb quality and careful handling. 

Keemun Hoa Ya A Tea is one of the world's great black teas. Some tea lovers compare Keemun Hao Ya A with burgundy wine due to its superb bouquet. It also ages well like fine wine. 

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