Our Two Very Special Love Teas to Pair Nicely with Breakfast in Bed!

Chocolate Rose Tea

Delightful arChocolate Rose Tea from Culinary teas.comomas of Chocolate, Rose, and Vanilla infuse this delicious Valentine's Day tea.This tea is designed for the special occasion of Valentine's Day as well as being a dessert tea but most drink it all the time because its taste is so delicious. We know that roses are special to this holiday, but so is chocolate and a touch of vanilla. The slightest bit of Green Tea adds to the richness of flavor. We think you'll celebrate a lovely holiday with Chocolate Rose  Tea.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Teachocolate covered tea from Culinaryteas.com

Think of freshly made chocolate covered strawberries! They are heavenly!

Combine the exotic character of chocolate and add some juicy blueberries and aromatic  Ceylon Tea! What you get is a liquid treat with zero calories - Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tea!

We think this tea will win you points for creativity. It pairs well with most desserts, particularly those with a fruit and cream base. Enjoy a relaxing Valentine's Day with your special sweetie and Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tea.