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Jasmine Decaf Green Tea

 After nearly a year of being out of stock...we have a new crop of our Jasmine Decaf in!

This new crop is a delightful tea slightly less rich in Jasmine notes than prior years, but just as wonderful in the cup

Unbelievable character! The jasmine notes are perfumy and full floral. You can not believe you are drinking decaf!

Like many of the world's great teas, Jasmine tea has its own creation myth. The story of Jasmine maintains that many centuries ago, a Beijing tea salesman named Chen Guqiu invited a tea master to his house to taste some tea with him. While they sipped their cups, the conversation meandered to the differences in tea preferences between northerners and southerners. Remembering that he had a bag of tea given to him by a young southern woman a few months earlier, Chen summoned a servant to fetch it and brew two cups, one for himself and one for the tea master. Once the tea was brewed, the men lifted the lids from their covered teacups and to their amazement, watched as the spirit of a young woman, clutching two jasmine branches, rose from the steam. The men were astonished.

To commemorate the memory of the young woman, long lost to the mists of time, we offer this stunning decaffeinated jasmine tea. Based on a Japan style Sencha, and decaffeinated using an all-natural, CO2 process, Decaf Jasmine Green delights with subtle grassy notes offset by lush, compelling jasmine. Here's to a great legend.

Luxury Ingredients: Decaf green tea, Jasmine petals, Natural flavors (organic compliant)

For another decaf option try our Sencha Decaf w/Jasmine, a great sencha green tea with just subtle hints of jasmine. 



All Camellia sinensis in our blends contributes to a fairer, more sustainable tea industry.



10-12 cups per 1 oz

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    170-180°F In 475 ml (8oz)
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    Spoon11492 1-2
    Spoon21492 170-180°F In 475 ml (8oz)
    Spoon31492 2-4 mins
    Jasmine Green Decaf Tea from Culinary Teas