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Matcha Green Tea Powder

Incredibly smooth with every sip. A True Luxury grade Japanese Matcha green tea, gives a light sweet bitter finish. 

We source the best Matcha from around the world and are on a mission to show people that you don't need sugar and chemicals to have great taste.

Our Organic Matcha is of exceptional quality and sourced directly from the Nishio, and Aichi regions of Japan

Matcha powdered green tea is famed for the Tea Ceremony. Tea bushes of Matcha are carefully grown under the shade for about one month prior to harvesting in order to protect them from sunlight. This brings out an extraordinarily sweet taste with no bitterness. The manufactured leaves are ground like flour to produce a fine green powder. Matcha has a wonderful aroma, silky froth, and rich mellow taste. 

"Our Matcha is a thin Matcha called Usucha and best for the everyday Matcha drinker.  It is the perfect quality for enjoying the genuine taste of Matcha. Our Matcha is a light creamy liquid with a very sweet and mild flavor."

Luxury Ingredient: Matcha 





This tea supports the Ethical Tea Partnership

All Camellia sinensis in our blends contributes to a fairer, more sustainable tea industry.


Cup per oz

16-20 cups per 1 oz

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    170-180°F In 475 ml (8oz)
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    Spoon11492 1-2
    Spoon21492 170-180°F In 475 ml (8oz)
    Spoon31492 3 mins
    Matcha tea powder
    Matcha Green Tea Powder
    Matcha Green Tea Powder