Custom Labeling of Tea





Would you like your brand or organization on our tea?   We have several wholesale offers:

  • Party Favors.  Do you have an upcoming wedding where you would like to give away something different?  Perhaps Crime of Passion Tea?  Or Mother's Love Blend repackaged to be "Craig and Sue's Love Blend"?  We can do that!  
  • Private Label.  Are you one of our wholesalers that runs a Tea Room?  Would you like to offer some teas to go?  We can put your Tea Room's label on the teas that you buy from us.  We can do that! 
  • Fundraisers.  Would you like to offer tea as part of a fundraiser?  We can work with you for the right kind of teas for your audience, and package them with your organization's brand. 

Culinary Teas Bag Labels

Please send us a note with our Contact Us Form, or give us a call at 866-799-4005.