Fundraising Opportunities

Does your church, school, or team need a fundraiser?  We would like to work with you to create a fundraiser with tea flair!


Delicious Iced Tea at Culinary Teas

Depending on your goals, we offer three easy methods:

1.  Shopping Day/weekend.  We will provide coupons for giving away to friends and family to use either online or in store. Your organization will receive 20% of the proceeds for anyone using your specific code. Simple and easy way to earn money for your group.  

2.  Special Teas Just for You.  We can help you choose a special tea to re-brand for your organization.  For instance, the Thursday Garden Club may want to promote Hibiscus Herbal or Elderberry Energy as a special tea.  You purchase a significant volume of those teas, specially packaged for you, at a private-label rate from us.  You can sell them at your events and fundraisers, to benefit your organization.  The benefit to you is high-quality tea sourcing and custom packaging, and the flexibility to promote and sell the tea as best suits your organization.  

3.  Selling Tea and Gift Sets. We can can develop a custom brochure for you organization to sell kits and products. These can be delivered to your location for distribution, we will provide these items are wholesale rates and your organization keeps the difference, normally 30-40% of the sales price.  

Please use the Contact Us Form to reach out to us for your team, church, or organization.  We look forward to speaking with you!