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Baroness Grey Tea

Our Baroness Grey tea has excellent Earl Grey notes accented with piquant lemon. Lively and full flavored lemon peel, rose and cornflower petals add citrus and floral notes.

The original Earl Grey tea was made for one Charles (The Second Earl) Grey, a British diplomat to China who also served as Prime Minister of Britain from 1830 - 1834. Charles Grey was given the recipe for the tea by a loyal Mandarin Chinese friend who he had helped him out during a time of need. Less famous perhaps, but no less delicious, is the tea that goes by the name Baroness Grey. Over the centuries many women have held the title of Baroness Grey but we've blended this black tea in honor of one woman in particular.

British legend has it that this Baroness of Grey, who lived sometime in the 16th or 17th century, was married to a man who was a Ship's Captain in the Royal Navy. As the story goes, his ship never returned from a trading voyage to China. Refusing to believe that her husband would never return the Baroness would walk to the port lands every morning to greet each ship hoping for news of her husband. Sadly, she continued this practice until the day she died. In honor of the loyal Baroness Grey, we blended this black tea with the traditional bergamot and the addition of lemon to represent the bitter tears shed over her beloved. The dried lemon peels add an additional tartness to the citrus character of the tea making it a fantastic alternative to traditional Earl Grey.

Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, Orange pieces, Cornflower + Rose petals, Lime leaves, Natural flavors(organic compliant). 

Made with all natural flavorings.

This tea supports the Ethical Tea Partnership

All Camellia sinensis in our blends contributes to a fairer, more sustainable tea industry.


Cup per oz

10-12 cups per 1 oz

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    205-212°F In 475 ml (8oz)
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    Spoon11492 1-2
    Spoon21492 205-212°F In 475 ml (8oz)
    Spoon31492 4-6 mins
    Baroness Grey Tea from Culinary Teas