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Clarity Trio

The Clarity Trio includes Clarity Blend Herbal, Organic Texas Iced, and Orange Blossom Oolong. Clarity Blend is our unique house blend that will clear your head and settle your stomach while delivering a caffeine-free, ginger zing. It is perfect for helping you think creatively. Organic Texas Iced Blend, another customer favorite, is full bodied with excellent burgundy notes and a light, oaky finish. Hot or iced, you will feel its energy experience sustained alertness. Orange Blossom Oolong is a wild and exotic fruity tea made from a combination of premium Oolong and Ceylon teas, orange essence, and a light jasmine blossom scent. It also tastes great iced.  

The four ounce pouches of loose leaf teas will inspire creative and clear thinking; add an infuser for a great gift! 

 Infuser will vary by availability.

    Clarity Trio in a Gift Box
    Clarity Trio from Culinary Teas with Mesh Pincer Spoon
    Clarity Trio from Culinary Teas