Decaf Breakfast Tea (25 Loose-Leaf Pyramid Teabags Carton)

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Leaf style: CTC with chopped flowers

Ingredients: Decaffeinated Black Tea, Camomile Petals

Country of origin: Kenya (Region: Kericho), Egypt (Region: Fayoum)

Cup flavor: Full body with notes of malt.

Description To some, the very idea of decaffeinated Irish Breakfast tea might sound sacrilegious. The Irish after all, are famous for enjoying their tea so “t’ick ye can stand up a spoon”. To those people we say” try this! Crafted using our patented Canadian CO2 decaffeination process, this is so good it’s fooled professional tea tasters in blind tests. Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!

Tea Master Notes:

Amazing. You would never know this was decaf. Powerful full ahead malt blasts through the cup with deep astringency and wonderful mouth feel. A bit of milk really opens the cup and softens the bite.

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