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Enjoy Trio

The Enjoy Trio features our house blends Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Caramel Crème Brulee, and Blueberry Vanilla Cream teas. So whether you’re seeking to celebrate, feeling deserving of dessert, or cozying up with that special someone, these teas will greatly enhance the spirit of the moment. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is sinfully delicious with its swirls of chocolate and berries. Caramel Crème Brulee will cloak you in caramel, milk, and warmth. Blueberry Vanilla Cream, featuring glorious blueberries with a dollop of cream, is a consistent crowd pleaser.

The Enjoy Trio comes with four ounce pouches of loose leaf tea; add an infuser for a great gift! 

 Infuser will vary by availability.

    Enjoy Trio in a Gift Box
    Enjoy Trio from Culinary Teas