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Napa Valley Pepper Blend

For our Napa Valley Pepper blend my inspiration came from the delightful flavors of California cuisine and I wanted piquant spark that only a top citrus zest can possess to compliment the blends base of our top quality freshly ground black pepper and to complete the assemble is a hint of toastiness from the roasted garlic and onion.

This is destined to become one of our most popular pepper blends and is ideal for those that are craving flavor while also trying to steer clear of extra salt or sugar (as this blend has neither).

It Starts With a Great Pepper
Black pepper, Piper Nigrum, is the most traded spice in the world and as such is commonly used as a base seasoning in dishes in just about every culture around the globe. Pepper derives its instantly recognizable mild biting heat from the chemical compound piperine. Black pepper contains between 4.6% and 9.7% piperine by volume (white pepper contains a bit more than that). By weight refined piperine is about 1% as hot as the capsaicin found in chile peppers.

Flavor Profile
The base for our gourmet Napa Valley Pepper is the freshly ground pepper. Several times a week we are grinding pepper in our facility. Pepper has a high volatile oil content that begins to lose its optimum flavor as soon as it's ground. In this blend we used a perfectly balanced mix of medium ground pepper (also called a table grind) and a slightly larger coarse grind. In addition to the peppery flavor that you'd expect you'll then notice a light slightly sour zestiness from the domestic lemon and orange zest followed by savory hints of roasted garlic and onion.

Where to Use It

We use Napa Valley Pepper on everything from grilled burgers, baked or grilled chicken, cottage cheese, eggs, fish, omelets, roasted, grilled or steamed vegetables and sprinkled on salads, soups and stews.

What's In It
Hand blended with black pepper, roasted garlic, orange zest, lemon peel and toasted onion.

    Napa Valley Pepper Blend