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Student Focus Trio

The Student Focus Trio is designed to give a boost to students and anyone who needs to maintain attention and diligence.  It contains Elderberry Energy, Morning Miracle, and Green Yerba Mate Teas. Elderberry Energy, a customer favorite, provides delicious flavor, vitality, and energy. A full strength cup of Morning Miracle enables you to get up and go! A few cups can keep you energized throughout the day. Green Yerba Mate, which comes from the holly family, is delicious and smooth, and contains twice as much caffeine as tea. It is refreshing, invigorating, and rich in Vitamin C.

Three four ounce pouches of tea come in this trio;  we can add an infuser for a great gift.  


Infuser and Box Color may vary based on availablity

    Focus Trio in a Gift Box
    Focus Trio from Culinary Teas with Mesh Pincer Spoon
    Focus Trio from Culinary Teas