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T-Sac Loose Tea Filters

Each box contains 100 T-Sac filters in a flip top box. 

What are the benefits?
1. 4 sizes available - from single serving to 8-12 cups
2. Heat seal-able, so you can make your own tea bags.
3. Disposable and biodegradable.
4. Gusseted bottom on filter allows the tea to expand and release all it's flavor.
5. Great for take-out, the flap folds over the cup rim and allows the lid to be snapped on tight.
6. The 6-8 cup size is great for Iced Tea.
    T-Sac for single serving
    T-Sac Loose Tea Filters
    T-Sac for 1-4 cup size
    T-Sac for 3-8 cup size
    T-Sac for 6-12 cup size
    T-Sac Bulk Pack of Size 2