Four New Iced teas to Celebrate Summer!

Iced tea season starts! To cheer up the warm sunny days and new renewal of the nature we bring you NEW iced teas.

Mango Black 1 Gallon Ice-Tea Bags: Piquant and exotic with mysterious fruit notes.  The cup has sweetness and delicate hints of island musk that peep out. iced tea from

Hibiscus Revive 1 Gallon Ice-Tea Bags: Tart and good for your heart. It has full fruity character with a light sweet finish.

Bella Coola 1 Gallon Ice-Tea Bags: Orange notes with velvety sweet pineapple highlights evoke passionate memories.

Berry Berry 1 Gallon Ice-Tea Bags: Full flavored with deep berry notes. The cup is burgundy red providing strength and character. A terrific tasting herbal tea.

We are sure you will love these teas!!!They are delicious straight up or sweetened.