Four Teas that Help to Loose Weight

Pu-erh is an effective natural product to detoxify the body, reduce blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and blood glucose levels. Pu-erh has properties that enable the body to lose retained water in the tissues which can help to stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings for sugar and alcohol. Make a cup of this delicious healing tea when you are about to eat more candy or drink another glass of wine. In China it is said that “Pu-erh helps the body to be as it should be.”

Oolong Tea is recognized by Chinese medicine as a help for weight loss. Oolong teas increase your metabolism and help burning body fat.

White Tea is simplest of teas and the richest in antioxidants. White tea has double action. It boosts breakdown of  the fat cells and prevents new fat cell from forming. See research published in :

Green Tea has L-Theamine, Caffeine and Catechins which work together to help to increase your metabolism, decrease appetite, improve your mood and stabilize blood sugar.

When you are craving for something sugary try a cup Mint Green Tea. Mint aroma is craving crusher and it helps decrease appetite. Consider some essential oil drops in your infuser, or scented candles.

When you are about to get something sweet, drink a cup of  tea without sugar. It gives energy, balance blood sugar and you almost forget about sweets.