Are you looking for new ideas for summer outdoor party? Try our Peach Tea Sangria.

3 cups of Peach n’Cream Tea

1 cup of sliced nectarines or peaches


1 cup of sliced strawberriesPeach n'cream tea sangria from Culinary teas

½ bottle of white or rose wine

1 medium lemon, sliced into thin rounds


Mint leaves

Peach Schnapps ( optional )


  • First, make Peach n’Cream Tea
    Fill up half of our  Large Infuser from Culinary teas with loose tea.  Remember that if you plan to add ice, you will want a concentrated tea brew. If you use  Large Infuser   pour 3 cups of boiled water.  Let the tea steep, cool, and refrigerate this delicious and concentrated tea. Sweeten to your taste. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour and preferably overnight.
  • In a large pitcher, combine tea sliced nectarines, strawberries, lemon sliced and wine. 
  • Add ice and mint leaves.
  • Add some Peach Schnapps (optional).