Think Outside the Cup: Miracle of Matcha

Matcha for dessert! Matcha is a big trend these days. Matcha is a miracle! It is so beautiful, bright and green. It will transform your usual dishes or drinks into masterpieces with prodigious health benefits.   Adding Matcha will add more antioxidants in whatever you consume. Here are some unusual use of Matcha tea powder:

- Matcha ice cubes. Stylish idea to dress up your cocktails. lemonade, milk, fizzy water. Put one bright green ice cube in your Prosecco and see the bubbles dance.

-  Add Matcha to your homemade omelettes, quiches, pancakes or waffles. 

- Surprise for  breakfast! Blend it with cream cheese and spread on your bagel. 

-  Add it in guacamole before you start mashing all ingredients.

- Season your popcorn with 1 part of Matcha +1 part of salt

- Use Matcha to add a touch of elegance to your pancakes or desserts like you would use confectionery sugar.matcha tea from culinary