Chai: A delicious tea with many virtues

When I was in India, in every shop I visited, I was not only greeted by “ Namaste”, which means "my Divine greets the Divine in you", but also was offered a cup of chaiChai is a welcome drink in every Indian home or business and can warm you up in cold weather and cool you down during the hot months.Chai from Culinary teas









I had never tried it before and was surprised by its complex spice combination with black tea, milk, and sugar.  I also noticed that chai has a slightly different flavor in different places.  A very friendly shop owner told me that this is because of different masalas. Masala is a spice combination that everyone prepares to one’s personal taste. Every household has its own orchestration of spices.Traditional  basic spices are cinnamon, ginger, black pepper cardamom, and cloves.

According to legend, Masala chai was known for 9,000 years, but until the British discovered it did not contain tea. Black tea adds complexity and depth to Chai. Cinnamon is great for lowering blood pressure, ginger is good for digestion, cloves an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and cardamom a great aid to digestion and detoxification.

It is wonderful drink when we feel cold, after a meal or just to savor the moment. It seems to be a delicious beverage with many virtues!