Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

The health benefits of Hibiscus Herbal Tea have been known worldwide since Ancient Egypt. An old Arabic medical treatise describes it as a cure-all and it was called, among other names, the “royal drink” and “drink of the Pharaohs.”
Hibiscus flowers contain linoleic acid which blocks the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels and metabolizes body fat, and they are a powerhouse of Vitamin C. This essential vitamin protects the body from stress and fatigue, strengthens the immune system, and improves kidney and liver function. Consider its anti-inflammatory benefits as well. 

When preparing Hibiscus Herbal Tea avoid using metal utensils, which affect the color and taste of the beverage.
Try to make an iced Hibiscus tea with slices of oranges, limes and lemons. Add some honey for sweetness.  A pure refreshing delight !